3 Ways to Update your Garage Door

Have you found that your garage door is looking a little shabby or outdated?  Do you need a transformation to give your home a nicer appearance and curb appeal?  Not only is your garage door the largest moving object in your home, it also amounts to more than a third of its facade and one of the first things guests, neighbors and passersby notice – shouldn’t you give it more attention?

Are you considering selling your home? Top real estate professionals know that a garage door free of dents, with a fresh modern appearance, will help you get your asking price and may help you sell even faster.

What can be done to modernize and improve the appearance of the front of your home? Here are some observations and ideas for a makeover of your garage door to ensure you are informed on the latest design and market trends.

Upgrade to a New Door

You’re thinking you may want to get a new door but there are many choices. What are the current trends in garage door styles?

Classic Style Doors. These are the most popular style doors installed on all styles of homes for the last 30+ years. They are available in both raised long and short panel design, with or without windows and insulated and non-insulated. Many colors are available with darker colors such as brown and black gaining popularity.

Flush Panel Doors. Constructed of durable and low maintenance steel with flat, slightly textured panels that offer clean, simple lines which compliment many exterior home styles – especially contemporary or modern architecture.  Available in a variety of colors including faux woodgrain finish, you may also consider the many window options such as tempered, insulated, clear, obscure or designer glass trim.

Carriage House Doors. The perfect blend of beauty and practicality, carriage house doors are quickly becoming the most popular style of many homeowners. Crafted of layers of durable low maintenance steel, they will provide many years of trouble free use. There are many designs to choose from: wood look steel doors, bead board, wood overlay, designer windows or no windows at all are just a few of the many options you may choose from.

Contemporary Garage Doors.  Aluminum and glass combine to create the ultimate look for today’s modern style.  Available in a variety of window and frame options allowing you to customize the right look for your home.

Add or Replace Windows

Perhaps your current garage door does not have windows and the interior of your garage lacks light? Or you would like a new door but don’t have the budget for it? One simple way to change the entire look of your existing garage door is to add or replace windows.

Our experts can install windows in almost any existing door. There are literally dozens of designer windows to choose from to match your home’s other windows or architectural features. In addition, there are choices of the types of glass: clear, opaque, insulated or leaded are just a few of your options.  A favorite new style is installing windows along the side of the door instead of across the top panel.

Do you currently have windows in your doors but would like to change the look?  That’s easy with decorative window trim inserts with over 24 designer styles available you can achieve the look you desire.

Make the Color Pop

Improving the curb appeal of your home and garage door could be as simple as adding a coat of paint. Painting a door can be a simple process if the door is prepared properly and the proper paint is used.

White and tan garage doors are fading in popularity. Today’s homeowners are becoming bolder with their choice in colors, allowing their garage doors to complement the exterior. In turn, this increases the home’s curb appeal and causes the garage to stand out among your neighbors. A few recent memorable doors we have seen are red, black and dark brown where these colors have provided a complimentary contrast to the homes existing color.

Garage doors should not be installed or repaired by just anybody

A garage door is a large, complex system of pulleys, springs, cables, rollers, and door sections. For many reasons, not the least of which is your safety and that of your loved ones, have your garage door serviced and installed only by a professional. Security Garage Door and owner/operator Frank Vargas has been providing expert home services for over 25 years. If you would like to learn more about what’s new in garage doors, why not give us a call? It will be our pleasure to explain the whole range of doors, styles and features to recommend the door that best fits the architectural style of your home.

Lastly, if you are planning on buying a new garage door in the coming weeks, take a little time and use our virtual design center to create your own personalized garage door. You can also peruse our image gallery.